Formy focuses on creating the best grips available by leveraging advances in 3D scanning and 3D printing. Formy grips have many features that set them apart from conventional bike grips.

  • Custom-fit: Formy grips were designed by 3D scanning impressions of all hand sizes from the first to ninety-ninth percentile, then statistically analyzing their measurements to create perfectly contoured grips for every hand size. This increases comfort by more evenly distributing pressure and ensuring a secure grip.
  • Custom-made: By entering two hand measurements, your color preferences, and desired grip length, Formy can manufacture grips specially for you and your bike
  • Palm Support: Maintains comfortable wrist angle while riding and supports your upper body weight
  • Colorful: Available in over 40 colorways (over 20 colors of grip material and 2 colors of metal mounting rings)
  • Shock-absorbing: 3D printed with a springy matrix inside rather than solid material
  • Durable: Formy grips are made of a more durable material than conventional grips which makes them significantly more resistant to wear over time. They are also highly resistant to damage from sunlight and moisture.
  • Guaranteed: Comes with a one year warranty that entitles you to a replacement or refund for any defects, wear, or sizing issues
  • Socially Responsible: A 3D printed prosthetic hand will be made and donated for every $10,000 of grips sold.