May 1991 - Born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland

May 1995 - Learned how to ride a bike without training wheels

January 2013 - Launched Strapping Fellow, a business that focuses on creating the highest quality custom leather watch straps. Strapping Fellow became profitable within 5 months and has been in profitable operation ever since. Just like Formy, Strapping Fellow produces a high-end, customizable, custom-fit interface between a person and their machine. Now I'm taking everything I've learned by refining that business model over the past 3 years and applying it to Formy.

September 2014 - Began development of the phase-cycling form, the device used to capture hand impressions for Formy grips.

December 2014 - Completed the proof-of-concept for using the phase-cycling form to create custom-fit 3D printed grips

December 2014 - Lead the Formy team to win Innovation Competition 2014 at Virginia Tech.

April 2015 - Lead the Formy team to win Super Demo, a business pitch competition funded by the University of Virginia and Alexis Ohanian, Partner at Y-Combinator.

April 2015 - Lead the Formy team to win Recess, a business pitch competition funded by The USA Network, Delta Airlines, and others.

April 2015 - Named Undergraduate Innovator of the Year at Virginia Tech for my research on improving ergonomics with 3D printing.

May 2015 - Graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Industrial Design.

September 2016 - Launched Formy's Kickstarter campaign!

November 2016 - Formy's Kickstarter campaign achieves 180% funding

March 2017 - All bike grips ordered through Kickstarter are delivered and Forny bike grips become available for general sale on